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Patrick Preusser






Honolulu, Hawaii 



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“Success is being proactive and preventing problems through research, analysis, and the implementation of smart practices.”

“Focus on teamwork and results, remain open-minded and flexible, take time to celebrate accomplishments, and insist on success.”

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Professional info​

I am an advocate for innovative transportation systems and appreciate the role transportation plays in building strong communities with sustainable economies. I am skilled in strategic and financial planning. I have extensive experience working in capital intense and complex service environments. I have strong change management skills and support experimentation with calculated risk. I understand the political dynamics of government and Boards. I value inclusive and participative practices that result in high levels of interaction with stakeholders.  

Work experience
City and County of Honolulu Department of Transportation Services

​2019 - Present


I currently serve as the Director of Rapid Transit for the Department of Transportation Services in Honolulu, Hawaii. I lead daily business activities across the department including safety and security, administrative services, complete streets, mobility innovation, transportation technology, transportation engineering, transportation performance and development, and transportation mobility. I led and managed a department-wide reorganization to achieve strategic goals and objectives. I oversee operations and maintenance including integrated fixed-route bus, paratransit, and driverless metro services. I am leading the development and implementation of the department's five-year strategic plan. I am heading a major program to implement and manage a driverless metro service for the communities of Oahu.


​2016 - 2019


I served as the Executive Director of Transportation for TriMet in Portland, Oregon. I led operations, which included an integrated Operations Control Center, fixed-route bus, light rail, commuter rail, streetcar, paratransit, scheduling, and workforce planning. I contributed to the development and implementation of the agency's five-year business plan. I led efforts to develop and implement a performance dashboard. I oversaw the development and implementation of a Competency Management System to control and reduce risk. I oversaw a major program to enhance transportation policy, plans, procedures, and work instructions. I managed continuous improvement teams to advance punctuality. I was accountable for implementing Positive Train Control for the commuter rail service. I worked directly with the Committee on Accessible Transportation. I oversaw the development of a strategic plan for the LIFT paratransit service.         


Saudi Railway Company



With significant railway start-up experience, I joined a team of international professionals to help launch a higher-speed passenger rail service over a 1,400-kilometer route in Saudi Arabia, which links Riyadh to Qurayyat near the Jordanian border. In this role, I was responsible for planning, training, service delivery, stations, and special projects. I managed the development and implementation of the organization's Integrated Passenger Delivery Plan, which included testing and commissioning activities along with trial running operations before commencing passenger service.

LA Metro

​2013 - 2016


I served as the Executive Officer of Rail Operations for LA Metro in Los Angeles, California. I managed rail operations, which included the Operations Control Center, light rail, metro, training, and workforce planning. I oversaw light rail expansion efforts for the Gold Line Foothill 2A and Expo 2 lines including the opening of two maintenance facilities and acceptance of kinkysharyo light rail vehicles. I was the lead executive for rail in successful contract negotiations with the International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers, who represent approximately 340 rail operators. I led efforts to obtain a $1.7M USD grant for an Innovative Safety, Resiliency, and All-Hazards Emergency Response and Recovery Research Demonstration from the Federal Transit Administration. The platform track intrusion detection system project was focused on a strategy to improve safety at rail passenger station platforms and reduce vulnerabilities, risks and system delays. I was a graduate of the Multi-Agency Exchange Program, which supports senior leadership and development in the transit industry.






MassTransit Top 40 Under 40 

U.S. Secretary of Transportation’s:


Foreign Service Award

Team Award

Excellence Award

University of Southern California

Masters of Science - Public Administration

GPA 3.86


The program is designed to prepare leaders for public service and improve governance and management of public organizations. Coursework included the following: Statistical Foundations for Public Management and Policy, Intersectoral Leadership, Economics for Policy, Planning, and Development, Public Administration and Society, Professional Practice of Public Administration, Public Financial Management and Budgeting, Policy and Program Evaluation, Human Behavior in Public Organizations, Urban Planning and Social Policy, Urban Transportation Planning and Management, Legal Environment of Planning, Strategic Planning in the Public Sector, and Capstone in Public Administration. 


University of Denver 

​Masters of Science - Intermodal Transportation Management

GPA 3.89 Magna Cum Lauda


The program is designed to prepare leaders for the technological innovations and  globalization affecting the transportation industry. The program focuses on multimodal transportation systems that move people and goods efficiently, economically, safely and securely, in an environment that maximizes the strengths of each mode and weaknesses are minimized. Coursework included the following: Leadership Development, Transportation Management, Global Value Chain Management, Transportation Law and Regulations, Transportation Economics, Transportation Financial Strategies, Quantitative Tools for Transportation Management, Transportation Marketing and Sales Tools, and Intermodal Business Planning. 

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